Hellorca and Whalecome!

Orca Jorca is an orcinus orca living far away from his pod – due to his saltwater-allergy.

In the storyline vi vil det overleve

or Jorcas Story he get taught to walk on land in Arctica, an island somewhere between Iceland and Greenland, don’t search that up, and learn to live in a civilization at the beginning of a food chain changing war. (Fact: In norwegian it seems to be called: „vi vil overleve det“ but I couldn’t clarify that. Also: dyslexia is everywhere.)

Mansplain&tertain is about myself explaining things in actual real life.

between the story or autobiographic expositions there will be always one Haiku. Because my lack of imagination but wanting to post at least once a week and having a beautiful pattern about beautiful nature nonsense. I try to upload comics every wednesday and haikus on fridays

The comic author is an over 30 yrs old male person working as a receptionist.

This is what the author says:

I wrote all of this in english to upset everybody, my comics are and will be in german, maybe I chance that, but I doupt. Also to upset every nonenglishspeaking person to don’t understand the background information given to you.

I started making comics, cartoons and stickers around the time leaving school. Drawing stuff as an adolescence, one of my younger brothers discovered it and simply asked me why I waste my talent for myself. So here we are.

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